• Currency Hedging by Importers

    Currency Hedging by Importers0

    Companies have to hedge foreign exchange exposure, the impact of which can be felt on the income statement and the balance sheet. Foreign exchange exposure refers to financial and economic risk that a company would have to face on account of unfavorable exchange rate movements. The effects of which are felt in the form of

  • How to Find Profitable Forex Signals

    How to Find Profitable Forex Signals0

    Forex is the most liquid market in the world, and operates round the clock. It is a market where currency pairs are bought and sold in order to benefit from favorable exchange rate movements. Forex signals refer to the various indicators used by forex traders in order to identify the appropriate time for buying and

  • How to Trade in Global Foreign Exchange Market

    How to Trade in Global Foreign Exchange Market0

    Foreign exchange trading is an interesting and profitable pursuit. If you strip the whole thing down to its bare essentials, it is just an exchange of a pair of currencies, one at a time. The maxim that applies to all profitable transactions applies here too, ‘buy cheap, sell dear’. Only, the difference is that you

  • Forex Day Trading System

    Forex Day Trading System0

    The forex day trading system is the largest financial market in the world where currencies from around the globe are traded for profit. Currencies are constantly being bought and sold across the market by banks, brokerage firms, organizations, and individuals. Due to this, the investments in global markets keep changing in value according to the

  • An Introduction to Forex Trading

    An Introduction to Forex Trading0

    In 1971, foreign exchange currency rates switched from being fixed to floating and a new market opened up. The currency conversion rates between two countries were now subject to the trading volume between them and their respective market dynamics. Since then, foreign trade and therefore, foreign currency exchange trade has grown by leaps and bounds,

  • Forex Trading Risk Management Techniques

    Forex Trading Risk Management Techniques0

    Foreign exchange is a dynamic and demanding investment arena, where only a true comprehension of the intricacies and complexities of the market can make your capital grow every day. Of course there is no sure shot technique for success in the currency exchange market; however, here are some basic principles that you can follow to