The Fibonacci number sequence is a mathematical phenomenon discovered centuries ago that traders use to analyse financial market movements. This video covers the significance of Fibonacci numbers and ratios in history, nature and finance. Topics include: – Examples of Fibonacci extensions in forex trading – How to identify trends – How to use different extensions
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NASDAQ test the 50 hour moving average. S&P test 100 hour moving average The S&P and NASDAQ index moved to new session highs. The S&P index reached 4173.43, while the NASDAQ index reached 13406.86. At the highs, the indices were testing key hourly moving averages. Looking at the S&P index, the 100 hour moving average comes in at 4173.90. The high price
White House economic advisor Rouse speaking. Meanwhile White House economic advisor Rouse is also speaking and says: At moment, people view current spike in inflation as a transitory phenomenon Inflation expectations are the purview of the Federal Reserve We’ve a long way to go on economic recovery. Trade team is looking at tariffs as factor in inflation deficit finance expenditures
Daily thread to exchange ideas and to share your thoughts Inflation is still the hot debate in the market and the two-way volatility is something that traders and investors may very well have to get used to when navigating through things for the remainder of the year. US CPI data saw inflation bets deal the first punch
Testing lower support area between 109.417 and 109.480 The USDJPY is inching to a new session low and in the process moved into the swing area support between 109.417 and 109.480.   A move below the level should solicit more selling with 109.283 (high from Friday’s trade as the next target followed by the 200 hour moving average