Michael Casey is chief content officer at CoinDesk. The following is part of “The Token Economy,” an essay in Alex Tapscott’s new book “The Financial Services Revolution.” Blockchain technology, and the cryptocurrencies, tokens and other digital assets it has engendered, may be moving us toward a model of programmable money that incorporates an automated internal
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CoinDesk reporter Leigh Cuen is joined by Isaiah Jackson, author of “Bitcoin and Black America” and co-founder of KRBE Digital Assets Group, to talk about financial discrimination in the United States and the unique value bitcoin can offer minority communities. According to a survey of 5,126 Americans conducted by Coinbase and Qriously, “Twice as many
Reginald Fowler, an alleged operator behind payment processor Crypto Capital, was charged with wire fraud Friday, on top of existing charges of bank fraud, operation of an unlicensed money transmission business and conspiracy. According to an indictment filed Friday, Fowler allegedly created a scheme to obtain money “by means of false and fraudulent pretenses” and
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There are two warring factions at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  One side represents the business class, or the dominant internet service providers (ISPs) that want less regulation, freer markets, and the ability to determine how to run and where to build their networks. Its apotheosis is found in the current chairman, Ajit Pai. The
Bitcoin’s lightning network is growing “increasingly centralized,” making it more susceptible to attacks, asserts a new paper by security researchers. Seen as a potential solution bitcoin’s scaling headaches, lightning is a payment network allowing for speedier and cheaper transactions. Partly to make lightning more robust, developers and researchers have been trying to spot holes in