Month: September 2019

Latest data released by Destatis – 30 August 2019 prior -2.2% revised -1.6% retail sales 3.2% y/y vs 2.9% expected 4.4% prior Monthly reading as expected and y/y reading ticks up. The big worry for the eurozone is if/when the slowing manufacturing data flows into services and consumption activity. Nothing to see here to that
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Danske Research discusses the USD outlook and highlights 3 factors to watch for USD strength to be halted: trade, Fed and ‘Europe’. “First, will US-China trade talks set to resume in the week starting 7 Oct result in an interim deal? Market expectations seem rather downbeat and if progress is shown, it should provide some relief
Wang Yi is China’s foreign minister: China opposes hegemonism or bullying in international affairs Unilateralism and protectionism pose major threats to international order Erecting walls will not resolve global challenges, blaming others for one’s own problems does not work Tariffs and provocation of trade may even plunge world into recession China committed to resolve economic,