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How to trade Bill Williams 3 Wise Men Trading Strategy

How to trade Bill Williams 3 Wise Men Trading Strategy // Bill Williams book Trading Chaos explains the 3 wise men method of entering the market, this video serves to simplify the wiseman entries and hopefully help you understand them better.
other Bill Williams video is here:

Learn How to Day Trade and learn how to Swing Trade

Learn to trade support and resistance levels. Levels are where all the action happens, support, resistance, moving averages and ichimoku all give clues as to what the buyers and sellers are doing. By understanding these trading levels you will be better equipped to make informed trading decisions. Enter trades at a level, exit trades at a level.

Day Trading means I am looking to trade stocks, commodities, indices, forex or cryptocurrencies that I expect will move in a predictable direction. I want to take a trade with a set stop loss level and take profit target. A simple plan, but not that easy.

There are thousands of different trading strategies for trading the markets. Every trader has their own approach to trading. I focus on understanding support and resistance levels, price action, ichimoku, bill williams alligator and candlestick signal patterns.

My goal is to help you understand price action so you can make informed decisions to trading strategies, staying with the trend, while adhering to a strict risk management policy.

Candlestick Patterns. These patterns are how I determine the signal that gets me into a trade. The candlestick patterns will have well defined areas of support and resistance, what I refer to as trading levels.

Further the candlestick patterns I show you how to identify chart patterns including Bull Flags, Bear Flags, Triangles, Channels, Double Tops, Double Bottoms, and Ranges.

Trading Strategies key component are learning risk management, identifying chart patterns, trade discipline and trading psychology. My goal is to teach you to accept losses, but keep them small and increase your profits.

You can make money day trading or swing trading, keep it simple stick to a simple plan that works for you.

Instruments I trade SA top 40 ALSI, Dow Jones, S&P 500, NASDAQ, DAX, FTSE 100, Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Free day trading and swing trading training.

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