New York state coronavirus cases 44,635 vs 37,258 yesterday

The latest numbers from New York state delivered by Governor Cuomo:

  • Total cases today vs 37,258 yesterday
  • New cases today +7377 vs +6447 yesterday
  • Need 40,000 ICU ventilators, have 3000
  • Navy medical ship should arrive Monday
  • Total deaths 519 vs 385 yesterday (+134 vs +100 yesterday)
  • +290 in intensive care
  • Total in ICU 1583 vs 1290 yesterday
  • 528 people discharged today
  • 6481 people currently hospitalized

Yesterday’s highlights:

  • Total of cases 37,258 vs 30,811 a day earlier
  • New cases yesterday were +6447 cases versus +5146 a day earlier
  • Patients hospitalized 5327 vs 3805 a day earlier
  • Yesterday said 1290 patients in ICU on ventilator
  • Yesterday Total New York state deaths at 385 vs 285 total a day earlier (+100)
  • 18650 tests, 34% were positive

Here is a chart of New York City emergency room visits for respiratory distress. The red line is the seasonal norm.

NY chart


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