Technical Analysis

We’re in the last hour of trading….Buckle up

The last hour has been a roller coaster ride of late. 

We are heading into the last hour of trading. The good news is the price action has been somewhat contained today  After early weakness, the market has been improving. The S&P and Nasdaq trade near session highs (although still lower on the day).  The Pres. is expected to sign the relief bill at 4 PM ET today.

Nevertheless, the volatility in the last hour of stock trading has been… well historic of late.  So buckle up.  The values at the top of the hour showed:

  • S&P index 2584.95, down -45.12 points or -1.72%
  • NASDAQ index 7648.96, down -148.57 points or -1.91%
  • Dow 22046.95, down -505.18 points or -2.24%


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