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15 Year Old Forex Trader Reads Chart Like a Pro & Reveals His “Golden Zone” Trading System – Click for Full Interview/Podcast

Meet Philp Blom, the youngest profitable Forex trader on the planet at just 15 years old.

How is this possible? Check out the link above to find out.

And just to be double sure (after watching the video above), I’ve invited Philp on to another Zoom session where h’e’ll walk through 5 recent trades and his thinking behind each. Plus, I’ll be inviting a more experienced trader on so you can compare.

In this video, you’ll learn Philp’s Golden Zone trading strategy. You’ll also hear him talk about multi timeframe analysis, finding key levels, areas of Supply/Demand, spotting huge sell offs or a bull run (all on the USDCAD pair). He also talks about S&R Areas, respected trends, retests Fibonacci levels and market structure (HH’s and HL’s etc).

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