California reports 8045 coronavirus cases vs 4056 yesterday

The latest data for California

Confirmed cases now 248,253 vs 240,195 yesterday. If you exclude the lab backlog, this is the worst day yet.

6/22: 4,230
6/23: 5,019
6/24: 7,149
6/25: 5,349
6/26: 4,890
6/27: 5,972
6/28: 4,810
6/29: 5,307
6/30: 6,637
7/01: 9,740 -total includes 3,842 lab backlog cases
7/02: 7,538 – “” 3,482 “”

The population of California is much larger than the other hot spots but what’s worrisome about the rising numbers there is that the state has done everything by the book. They locked down early, opened slowly and have mandated masks. Yet the numbers continue to climb.

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