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Best Forex Trading Strategy COT Report (2020) – Commitment of Traders Report Strategy

This is the best use of the Commitment of traders COT report when trading forex for retail traders. The tutorial goes in depth on what to look out for in the COT report, what participants are important and how to apply the COT data for free in your forex trading strategy. It’s the most comprehensive commitment of traders report strategy or as some call it COT report trading strategy.




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The Commitments of Traders (COT) is a report issued by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). It aggregates the holdings of participants in the U.S. futures markets (primarily based in Chicago and New York), where commodities, metals, and currencies are bought and sold.

Overall, it will teach you how to use the COT report. How Forex Traders can apply the COT report to trading and a COT strategy using the flip of hedge fund positions. This is really important analysis to add to your trading method if you’re not already using it. Especially important for Forex traders like ourselves.

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The cot report is used in various forex strategies and is a tool which many traders don’t utilize properly. It’s great for beginner traders to understand as this tutorial covers the main use when trading forex. If you’re looking for a cot spreadsheet or excel sheet we show you exactly how to make one and how to trade forex using the cot. If you’re too lazy to make it yourself we’ve created an excel template for you to use which is on sale.

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How to trade forex for beginners UK guide on fundamental analysis. Forex trade is a useful skill to acquire and the first step in becoming a professional is learning a professional Forex Strategy. One of the most profitable and sustainable strategies is our Forex fundamental strategy, it’s a combination of a forex technical strategy, fundamentals and COT report sentiment. This is one of the forex best strategy videos out there. If you’re looking for Forex trading in the uk then this video is for you.

Forex for beginners is a common search term on how to trade forex. How to forex trade is also a commonly asked question here at Logikfx and we design forex for beginners courses.
Trading forex for beginners can be tough which is why we make it simple. Trading for beginners in general can be tough which is why simple strategies like this need to be in place.

Some of the best forex strategies are the ones we teach and give for free. The forex trading strategies you see online do not compare to the fundamental analysis and value we bring.

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How To Read The COMMITMENT OF TRADERS the professional way. The COT Report forex is an important report released by the CFTC every week. Therefore, every week we can conduct COT report analysis, in this particular video we go through the cot report excel spreadsheet which explains the cot report in detail and how to identify the market participants and hedge funds.

We then go over how to create the cot report indicator for forex trading, this is a great cot report forex strategy which uses excel in 2020. If you’re looking for a forex cot strategy and learn how to analyze forex cot data using a forex cot indicator then watch this video. There are many forex strategies that work and this is a forex strategy for beginners.

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