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The major indices close lower but rebound into the close eases the pain

NASDAQ index leads the way to the downside

The major indices are closing lower on the day but did rebounded into the close which eased some of the downside pain.

  • Dow close that is lowest level since July 31
  • Amazon, Apple close over 5% lower. Apple closes 20% below its all-time high
  • Twitter plunged 21%
  • Facebook fell -6.3%
  • Major indices post the 2nd straight monthly declines
  • Dow has it’s worst month since March
  • NASDAQ closes nearly 10% below its all-time high
  • S&P closes just 1.21% from the 2019 close
  • S&P closes 9% from all time high

The final numbers are showing:

  • S&P index fell -40.15 points or -1.21% at 3269.96
  • NASDAQ index fell -274 points or -2.45% at 10911.59
  • Dow industrial average fell 157.51 points or -0.59% at 26501.68

Looking at the ranges and changes for the major indices in North America and Europe, Portugal led the way to the upside. Other gainers were the France’s CAC, Spain’s Ibex, and Italy’s FTSE MIB. The NASDAQ index was the biggest loser for the day.

For the week,

  • S&P index fell -5.64%
  • NASDAQ index fell -5.51%
  • Dow industrial average fell -6.46%

For the month of October:

  • S&P index fell -2.77%
  • NASDAQ index fell -2.29%
  • Dow industrial average fell -4.61%

For the year:

  • S&P index +1.21%
  • NASDAQ index +21.61%
  • Dow industrial average -7.14%

Looking at the major global indices for the week, the German DAX was the worst performer at -8.61%. The Shanghai composite index was the best of the worst with a -1.66% loss

NASDAQ index leads the way to the downside_

Looking at the year to date changes for the major indices, the NASDAQ index (+21.61%), the Shanghai composite index (+5.72%) and the S&P index (+1.22%) are the only major indices higher. Spain’s Ibex is the worst performer at -32.43%. The German DAX is the best performer amongst the major European countries with a -12.77% decline.

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