Month: December 2020

Up from $1517.27 at the year end 2019 The price of gold is ending the year just under the $1900 level. The current price is trading at $1897.93. That is up $3.54 or 0.19%.  The high price today reached $1900.89. The low price extended to $1885.49.  For the year, the price at the end of 2019 closed at $1517.27. For the year the
Everyone goes back to zero 2020 was a year of incredible opportunities in financial markets but the FX market was more of a sideshow than the main participant. I think that chances in 2021. There are going to be some of the big trends that make for big trades that last months. We’ve seen the
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The winners and losers among the major currencies space in 2020 It has been a long and weary year with plenty of twists and turns along the way but here we are, wrapping up the final day of a historic 2020. Everything that we knew about the year was completely eviscerated in the first three
Latest data released by Credit Suisse and CFA Society Switzerland Investor sentiment continues to show a marked improvement as vaccine optimism bolsters the economic outlook as we look towards next year. The headline is the highest since June. The reading measures analysts’ expectations on the Swiss economy and other economic expectations over the next 6 months. For bank
If you haven’t posted any trade ideas this year you are running out of time! 😉 And good morning, afternoon and evening to all. If you are having a break, I hope you are having some fun – Otherwise, any charts, technical analysis, trade ideas, thoughts, views, you’d traders would like to share and discuss
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