U.S. Treasury auctions off three year note at 0.329%. WI at auction 0.327%

US treasury sells $58 billion of three year notes

  • High yield 0.329% versus WI level of 0.327% (Tail of 0.2 bps)
  • Bid to cover 2.42x versus six-month average of 2.43x
  • Dealers 32.26% versus six-month average of 35.5%
  • Directs 18.11% versus six-month average of 15.8%
  • Indirect 49.6% versus six-month average of 40.7%

The auction is a C+.  

There was a small tail of 0.2 bps. The Dealers were saddled with less than the six-month average. The Bid to cover was nearly equal to the 6 month average. 

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