Month: July 2021

Adam posted on the increasing likelihood of widespread follow-up inoculation:  Following up on that now, with remarks from the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical advisor to US President Biden Anthony Fauci.  Fauci highlighted the risks for “immune compromised” people particularly: “Those who are transplant patients, cancer
Ups and downs continue in the pair. Well, I could continue to use the same title in the afternoon update for the pair.  In the North American session, the price moved higher but continue to stall ahead of its 100 hour moving average at 1.17821 currently (blue line in the chart above).   The move back to the downside reached just
… Tesla, Boeing, Starbucks, Ford, McDonald’s, PayPal, MasterCard, etc Next week is a huge week for earnings and the major indices are near or making new highs into the week.  Anyone and everyone (besides financials and Netflix) are on the schedule for release.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be the biggest days, but Amazon will be released on Thursday
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Big earnings week next week The major indices are closing at record levels. Dow 238.34 points or 0.68% at 35,061.69.  The previous record close was at 34987 S&P rose 44.33 points or 1.02% at 4411.81. The previous record close was at 4384.64 Nasdaq rose 152.39 points or 1.04% at 14,836.99. The previous record close was at 14733 Russell
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Dow is above its all-time high close but below its all time intraday high The NASDAQ and S&P are on track for record closes today.  The Dow is also above its all time high close and also just above the 35000 level.   The NASDAQ is currently up 156 points or 1.06% at 14884. The high price reached 14845.40.  Its
Net dollar value is long for the first time since the pandemic began The chart isn’t yet updated but the net dollar value of USD longs is now +$399.69m.  That’s the first net-long USD position on aggregate since the pandemic began. Primarily USD/JPY longs with some AUD/USD longs account for the overall net positioning. Invest
The market is expecting Intel will report earnings after the close. The chip manufacturer has been under pressure as AMD and Nvidia “chip” away at their business. They have also been besieged with manufacturing problems.  The new CEO Gelsinger is looking to turn the manufacturer around via a large infrastructure investment, but that takes time and the market