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Best Forex Mobile Trading Strategy for Beginners||mt4 mobile scalping strategy

Best Forex Mobile Trading Strategy for Beginners||mt4 mobile scalping strategy
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Setup Strategy
Time Frame: 30M,15M,5M,H1,H4
Currency pairs: any.
Main Chart
1. 8 EMa, close.
2. 26 EMA, close
RSI with Moving Average Setting:
RSI Period = 1
Color = Black
Level = 10, 20, 80, 90.
MA Settings:
1. EMA 5 = Red
2. EMA 8 = Yellow
3. EMA 13 = Green
4. EMA 21 = Blue
5. EMA 200 =Black
BUY when all EMAs are at level 20-10 of RSI, and turn up.
SELL when all EMAs are at level 90 of RSI, and turn down.
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Be careful when the 200 EMA is at level 50, because prices can bounce up or down.
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