Technical Analysis

The market is expecting Intel will report earnings after the close. The chip manufacturer has been under pressure as AMD and Nvidia “chip” away at their business. They have also been besieged with manufacturing problems.  The new CEO Gelsinger is looking to turn the manufacturer around via a large infrastructure investment, but that takes time and the market
Up $1.61 or 2.29% The move higher in crude oil futures continued today with a sharp rise to the upside. The September contract settled at $71.91. That’s up $1.61 or 2.29%. The price is up sharply from Monday/Tueday’s lows which saw the price reached $65.59. The price is now up $6.18 or 9.42% from that low.  Looking
The USDCAD is moving away from the floor near 1.2730. In an earlier post, I commented on the 1.2730 floor level that was developing in the USDCAD chart. That level was a corrective floor yesterday and also stalled declines during the Asian and North American session today.  The price has subsequently broken below that level and stay below the level. The momentum is increasing
USD/CAD climbs further USD/CAD ran some stops in a pop to 1.2585. The high last week was 1.2590 and that’s the short-term resistance level to watch. The loonie isn’t getting any help from the intraday improvement in oil prices today. The move higher in the pair is part of a broader USD bid as risk